How do notifications work?

In order to create more active engagement, notifications allow us to speak directly to different groups within the platform and guide attendees to certain areas.

  • Administrators can trigger notifications from the platform's CMS area.
  • These can be targeted at all users, groups of users, or specific users.
  • The notifications typically contain text, but you can also add links.
  • Once an administrator hits 'send', attendees of the event on the front end of the platform receive a toaster style notification in the top right of their screen.
  • This toaster style notification disappears after a few seconds.
  • It's possible to find an archive of all past notifications received during an event by clickin the notificatins icon in the top right of the screen on the front end.
  • This list also contains scheduled items such as media in the library, meetings, and interactive content.
  • Once a notification is sent out by an administrator, it can be deleted from the CMS by clicking the notification from the list and pressing 'delete' in the top right.
  • In this view it's also possible to see details of when it was sent, who it was sent to and who sent the message.